Team Atlantis Review – Welcome to the #1 Trafficwave Team!

Welcome ;)

Welcome to the #1 Trafficwave Team!

Thank you so much for your interest in Team Atlantis and its exciting, fail proof system of recruiting PAID TrafficWave (TW) referrals. First, if you are not familiar with TW’s world famous affiliate pay plan, please click on (or copy and paste into your browser) the following link. Please Do Not use this link to join us because it is my link and it is only included to demonstrate the phenomenal pay plan that TW has in place. Please come back to this page after viewing for further instructions and team details.

Click the link below to view. This will open in a new window.

Now then, I’m going to cut to the chase. No hype, no unrealistic promises and no insulting your intelligence EVER! Just the amazing facts! Here is our system of recruiting PAID TW referrals in detail. Read it closely. You are going to be so blown away by the pure simplicity of it that you are going to wonder why no one has ever thought of this before and I have no doubt that you will make the smart decision of joining us today.


All members receive three PAID (3) referrals according to their join date from the team’s straight line rotator before moving on to the team’s rotating URL to receive even more PAID TW referrals.

All members are provided with a team ad tracker URL link to promote the team ads.

All members also have the option of promoting personal pages, provided by the team, which will bring interested parties to their Team Atlantis provided member letter series that will showcase THEIR TW affiliate link. Members may also choose to create their own ads.

Once a member has graduated to the team’s rotating URL, their team ad tracker URL is updated to direct interested parties to the team’s rotating URL where their TW affiliate link is listed to receive even more PAID referrals.

It is required that all members who expect the team to provide them with PAID referrals maintain a weekly hit count to their team ad tracker URL of 1,200 hits or more per week. Actually, it’s more than an actual week because hits are tallied every Monday at approximately 7:00 a.m. CST. Meaning that the hit count requirement is very easily done.

We have great tips on our website that will help those who are new to online marketing. Members who do not maintain their weekly hit counts, barring any emergencies, will be skipped. Members who are skipped may re-qualify to receive PAID referrals simply by choosing to promote the team and maintain the team’s hit count requirement.

If a member drops below three (3) PAID referrals due to quitters, the team will replace the lost referral that caused the member to drop below 3 PAID TW referrals within a reasonable amount of time. The member’s TW link will remain in the team’s rotating URL during this period. It is the responsibility of the member to inform, Didi Wargo, Atlantis Team Leader, of any lost referrals that cause the member to drop below three (3) PAID TW referrals. It’s very important to Team Atlantis that once a member is in profit, they stay in profit.

PLEASE NOTE: The best way to keep your referrals on board is to welcome them to the team, offer your assistance with promoting if they need it, keep in touch with them and remain positive and encouraging.

Now after having viewed TW’s affiliate pay plan, imagine for a moment, if you will. Your soon to be TW residual monthly online income at levels that would allow you to quit your day job if you so chose. I’m not joking, folks. This is serious business and you will make a ton of money. In fact, I highly recommend you join today, as in NOW. Not in a week, not in a couple of days, BUT NOW! The sooner you are in, the more you will earn.

Please Note: If you cannot join us as an upgraded (paid) member today, please wait until you are in a position to do so. We promise PAID referrals and that is what we are going to deliver!

To join Team Atlantis now, Fill this form and I will get back to you!

Again, Team Atlantis is a team that you can trust. No hype, no unrealistic promises and no insulting your intelligence. EVER!!!

I’ll be looking forward to welcoming you aboard Team Atlantis and helping you to build your new online business.